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 Project Rebuild-Inspired by the Prophet’s (pbuh) Mosque 

Noor Ul Islam’s redevelopment project was born out of the need to create a purpose built mosque to cater for the growing demands of the community. The site which was used for 25 years as a centre point for much of Noor Ul Islam’s great work is demolished and the project to rebuild and expand this multi-purpose centre is well under way, Alhumdulilah.

Our vision for Project Rebuild mirrors the Prophetic model of the mosque being the centre of the community. All the needs of the community were taken care of by the masjid: worship, education, interfaith and social services. For Him (pbuh), the role of the masjid was to develop the best of society.

Inspired by the Prophet’s (pbuh) mosque, Noor Ul Islam will be a social hub providing many community services under one roof. In line with the Prophetic ideal, it will be inclusive of women, with a dedicated mezzanine floor overlooking the main prayer hall as well as a mother and baby room and gym.  It will be a learning centre offering a library, a pre-school and classes to be used by all ages. It will be a community meeting place with a coffee shop and halls to hire for meetings, social gatherings and recreational activities. It will serve as a venue for dawah work with our continued collaboration with the Police, The Interfaith Council and other voluntary organisations.

The masjid that the Prophet (pbuh) established in Madinah is the ideal and inspirational model-the city was united by the masjid. Everybody was welcome and everyone took part in its establishment and existence.  The masjid was a place of equality (age, gender, race, ethnicity, economic/social status). This was a revolutionary concept over 1400 years ago, a concept that we too aspire to deliver inshaAllah.

We ask for your continued donation and support to help make our vision a reality. 




About Noor Ul Islam

Having been based in East London since our inception in 1990 Noor Ul Islam has tried to do what is good for the community.

Noor Ul Islam Trust wants to better the community by improving the lives of those in the neighbourhood as well as helping those further away. Our mission is simplified in six bullet points which summarises what the Trust is all about. The Trust hopes:

• To promote the true image of the religion of Islam amongst the community; both Muslim and non-Muslim;

• To encourage the Muslim community to actively participate in life in the UK while maintaining their Islamic identity and values;

• To promote and provide good quality education throughout the various life stages;

• To meet the social and welfare needs of the local community and seek to improve these;

• To act accordingly to improve the quality of life for those living in poverty or in desperate need of help;

• To co-operate and collaborate with voluntary bodies and statutory authorities operating in similar fields and to exchange information and advice.